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Press ReleaseSource: International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium

IMTC PSS-AG Surpasses 21,000 Interop Tests Using Ximpo Group's IOTzilla
Tuesday August 5, 9:57 pm ET
Pioneering Solution Helps International Consortium Validate 3G Wireless Streaming at Top Speed

MODIIN, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 5, 2003--Ximpo Group, Ltd., the leading provider of conformance and interop test tracking solutions, today announced that its IOTzilla tracking system reached 21,000 registered tests in the IMTC Packet-Switched Streaming Services Activity Group (PSS-AG) deployment.

"This is an important milestone in the life of IOTzilla," said Dotan Shavit, VP Services of Ximpo. "It proves our technology is mature enough and offers significant advantages to the industry, in terms of testing performance and pace."

IOTzilla is Ximpo's one-of-a-kind system for planning and tracking of conformance and interop testing results. It provides consortia and committees with an easy to use system which helps the group managers to plan and coordinate the whole test cycle, while keeping a friendly interface for the testing vendors.

Group managers get real-time status reports, allowing them to assess the true state of conformance or interoperability.

Testing vendors get a list of tests to be performed, or retested in case other parties found problems, helping them focus on open issues only.

This combination avoids information loss and expensive duplication of testing efforts.

"Our experience, after over three years of interop testing, clearly shows that IOTzilla possesses advantages over the alternatives utilized by us and other interop testing groups," said Amir Wolf, Chairman of the IMTC's PSS Activity Group. "The combination of IOTzilla's secured internet access, very high performance, real-time reports, and ease of use, allowed us to perform an amazing number of tests, among globally distributed companies, without compromising on quality."

IMTC PSS-AG has been iteratively improving testing procedures since winter 2000, when the group started under the Wireless Multimedia Forum (WMF). Its focused and strict testing process has served as a validation to the emerging 3GPP specifications. The testing experience has also lead to several clarifications of the standard, through a close relationship between PSS-AG and 3GPP.

"Coordinating the testing efforts of 16 vendors is no easy task," stated Ralph Neff, Co-Chairman of the IMTC's PSS Activity Group. "IOTzilla provides the features we need to efficiently execute and administer the tests."

One interesting fact is that IMTC PSS-AG has practically doubled in size since the testing round where IOTzilla was first deployed. Despite the increasing number of vendors and the resulting exponential growth in the number of test points, the pace for the group hasn't slowed down, but it rather has reached higher limits.

"Ximpo is driving innovation in conformance and interop test tracking," said Pablo 'merKur' Kohan, CTO of Ximpo Group. "We are proud to be able to help the industry deliver open-standards based interoperable solutions."

In March 2003, Ximpo started deployment of IOTzilla's New Generation for the IMTC's PSS Activity Group. New functionalities include 'Progressive testing' (the ability to retest just the components affected by a vendor's change), a new simplified user interface, greatly improved performance, and many new queries and graphical reports.

About Ximpo Group

Ximpo Group, established in 2002, is the leading provider of conformance and interoperability test tracking solutions.

Ximpo Group provides committees, standards groups, and vendors with a technologically rich solution, which includes a broad offering of professional services like requirements analysis, test plan design, customization and IOTzilla tracking deployment, as well as 24x7 dedicated customer support.

With headquarters in Modiin "City of the future", Israel and servers hosted in one of the most advanced and physically secured locations in Israel, Ximpo provides other Advanced Application services (A-ASP), consulting, and Professional Services, which include outsourced development, Training, and Support.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ximpo.com/.

IOTzilla information can be found at http://www.ximpo.com/IOTzilla.

About the PSS Activity Group

The PSS Activity Group was set up by IMTC in October 2001 to test the implementation of Packet Switched Streaming techniques (according to 3GPP Technical Specifications 26.233 and 26.234) for delivering/streaming multimedia content over wireless networks. The group began its first test cycle at the end of 2001 with three participants. There are now 17 members, representing the major market leaders in mobile multimedia: Emblaze Systems (Israel), Emuzed (USA), Ericsson (Sweden), Fraunhofer IIS (Germany), Hantro Products Oy (Finland), LGE (Korea), LogicaCMG (USA), Mobixell Networks (Israel), Motorola (USA), Nextreaming (Korea), Nokia (Finland), PacketVideo (USA), RealNetworks (USA), Royal Philips Electronics (The Netherlands) Siemens AG (Germany), Sony Ericsson and Vidiator Technology (USA).

Further information on the IMTC PSS Activity Group can be found at http://www.imtc.org/act_pss.htm.

About the IMTC

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is an industry-leading non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, encourage, and facilitate the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia conferencing solutions based on open international standards. The IMTC hosts interoperability testing events and demonstrations throughout the world. Over the past three years the IMTC has hosted more than 60 interoperability-testing events to test T.120, H.320, H.323, H.324, SIP, and Voice over IP products and services with each other. The IMTC Board of Directors includes representatives from Cisco Systems, Dilithium Networks, France Telecom, Level 3 Communications, Nokia, Polycom, RADVISION, Siemens AG, Sony, and Tandberg. The San Ramon, California-based consortium comprises close to 80 member organizations from around the globe. Membership is open to any interested party, including vendors of audio, document, and video conferencing hardware and software; academic institutions; government agencies; and non-profit organizations. "The IMTC is making Rich Media happen Anywhere, Anytime." Further information on IMTC can be found at http://www.imtc.org.

     Global Inventures, Inc. (for IMTC)
     Jim Polizotto or Jennifer Fletcher, 925-275-6600
     Ximpo Group, Ltd.
     Pablo 'merKur' Kohan or Dotan Shavit, +972-54-225-371

Source: International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium

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