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In today's competitive environment, Technology Consortiums are driving the industry forward. Commitment to open standards, interoperability and conformance are a crucial part of every competitive strategy.

The Challenge

Yet consortium and interoperability management is becoming a demanding task. Standards' complexity is increasing, and new companies are adopting open standards strategy. Hence, consortiums are growing every year and testing events are more complex then ever.

Vendors are required to provide interoperable products, and form internal IOT divisions. In a global development environment, complexity of IOT assurance and management rises over time, and lays a burden on development budgets and bottom lines.

Service providers face different challenges. As standards complexity rises, vendor implementation differs, and the link between conformance and interoperability is broken. Hence, service providers are forced to spend their ever-shrinking budgets on rigorous interoperability tests.


ChasmLeap, a subsidiary of Ximpo Group, provides state of the art products to cater the needs of standards bodies and enterprises, in the complex field of Interoperability (IOT) testing and management.

Our products require none or limited installation, and are integrated in intranets and extranets of our customers. With sophisticated customization options, we offer solutions that best fit our customers' needs.


IOTZilla – a full workflow management, test reporting and offline testing system. Please visit the IOTzilla section for more details.

PlugFest Manager – Test events are core activity of every technology consortium. PlugFest Manager is a simple to use product, which provides scheduling, test reporting and historical test repository.
For more details, please contact us at: sales@chasmleap.com

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