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The IOTzilla Suite is a set of products, built upon hands-on experience of several interoperability test "cycles" in different bodies.

It is commercialized as an Advanced-ASP and covers the whole cycle-flow, from Planning to proof of interoperability.

The IOTzilla Suite is comprised of the following services:

  • Planning of the conformance or interoperability tests procedures, including documentation.
  • Tracking of the whole testing process on a secured web-based environment.
  • Groupware tools: To-Do list tracking, Polls, Contacts management, Calendar and Scheduling.
  • Conference Call Management: Agenda, minutes tracking, action-items tracking, real-time voting mechanism
  • Collateral activities (e.g.: maintaining private/public FTP sites, web sites, mailing lists, knowledge-base, etc.).

The direct benefits of the IOTzilla include:

  • Tracking and control of the true state of compatibility among any number of vendors with heterogeneous profiles
  • Significant improvement of the testing process quality and vendor drive towards full interoperability
  • Tracking and performing tens of thousands of discrete tests
  • Acceleration and control of the testing process
  • Improves the communication between the technical representatives of the different companies
  • Reduces vendors' R&D costs related to administrative tasks of the interoperability testing process

The indirect benefits achieved include:

  • Industry recognition as reference for testing process performance,
  • Attraction of potential vendors to actively join the activity groups and the consortium.

Case Study - IMTC PSS-AG

The IMTC-PSS is an activity group performing interoperability tests for Packet-Switched Streaming according to 3GPP Technical Specifications 26.233 and 26.234, for delivering/streaming multimedia content over wireless networks.

This group started using IOTzilla at the second testing cycle. During this cycle, IOTzilla helped achieve the following amazing results:
Tests points performed: 10,783
Interop Success Rate: 96%

Yanda Ma, an Interoperability Expert from Hutchison-Mediator (a Hutchison 3G company), stated:
"To engage in systematic interop testing with 14 vendors would have been a nightmare without the tracking features of IOTzilla, furthermore it allowed us to get status reports at a glance, keep histories of all issues and test points and simplified the reporting process.
IOTzilla was critical in allowing us to manage the existing testing and to scale and grow the interoperability group."
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