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Software development

Ximpo Group's seasoned analysts, project managers, and expert developers competently provide the optimal approach to the required solution.

Our deep-knowledge of Open Source technologies, environments and programming languages allows our analysts and developers to provide high-quality development at low cost, in short time-frames, to fulfill our customers' requirements.

Ximpo's Software Development services cover a very broad spectrum of fields of expertise, including:
  • Linux Kernel Driver development
  • Streaming media technologies
  • Workflow control and monitoring
  • Software Security Auditing and Review
  • Advanced Networking and Routing
  • Standards compliance verification
  • Web application development

Our Team

Our team includes Linux/Unix veteran experts with over 42 years of experience, with rich experience in several fields, which have been working with Linux since its beginnings over 30 years ago.

Our Methodology

One of Ximpo's most valuable assets is our work methodology.
We can escort your project from Requirements definition, System Analysis, High-Level and Detailed Design, through Development and Testing, to Integration, Acceptance Test, and Knowledge Transfer/Training.
The quality of our deliverables is second to none, and our commitment to deadlines is sacred.

Ximpo's Total Development Management

Ximpo's vast experience in outsourced development of projects lead us to better understand our customer's management needs.
We constantly improve our methodologies, and implement new tools to ameliorate the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.
We are proud to provide our customers with complete coverage of the development process, from beginning to end, covering all development management aspects, thus helping in lowering the "management attention" overhead normally required for guaranteeing successful completion (on-time and within budget) of a project by an external sub-contractor.
This allows us all to reach from concept to product in the minimum possible time-frame.
The tools included as standard in Ximpo's Total Development Management are:

  • Customer accessible Bugzilla Bug Tracking System - This helps customer get an immediate status report, at the reach of their fingers,
  • Complete management of the development process, including Gantt charts, and frequent status updates,
  • Full process and deliverables documentation,
  • Coordination of integration with the customer's engineering force
Premium Services which can be ordered separately include:
  • 2nd tier (Customer's Customer) Customer support
  • Prioritaire Customer Support
  • 24/7 Customer support

Description of some of the projects we performed can be found in the Case Studies page.
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