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Every company has its culture, its people, its technology and its vision... Its soul

But a company without customers is not much more than that !

At Ximpo Group, we understand that and, while taking pride on our prestigious list of customers, we do believe that the only thing more important than bringing a new customer is continuing serving our current ones...
Building lasting relationships !

Following is a list of companies and organizations we are honored to serve, or have proudly served:

Acision Alcatel Apple
ArcSoft Aricent Axxana
Cellguide Checkpoint Software Comneon
Dialogic Dilithium DSP Group
Emblaze Systems Emuzed Ericsson
Expand Networks EZchip Technologies FlashNetworks
Fonav France Telecom Fraunhofer Institute
GE Healthcare Google Hantro
HTC IBM International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
Intel Ixia LG Electronics
Magal Security Systems MangoDSP MCubeWorks
Mobixell Networks Motorola Nextreaming Corporation
NMS Nokia Corporation NXP
OnTimetek Optibase Packet Video
Royal Philips Electronics N.V. Qualcomm Radvision
RealNetworks Samsung Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
Sci-Worx Senusion Sharp
Siemens AG SilverKite SKY Mobilemedia
Sony-Ericsson ST Microelectronics Sun Microsystems
Sunplus Tandberg Tangium Networks
Tel-Aviv University Texas Instruments TTPcom
Timebridge Versamed Vidiator Technology (US)
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