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Ximpo Group's networking expertise is visible in a myriad of projects.
Our qualification allows us to endeavor in the most advanced networking topics in the information era... Terrestrial, cellular, and satellite.
Our involvement with 3G networks and applications goes beyond consulting and development, and includes influencing the standards by actively participating in standard committees, interoperability groups and other official bodies.

Following is a selection of projects in the "Networking" area:

SCPS-TP - Linux TCP stack enhancements

Addition of features to the Linux TCP stack in order to improve network performance.

Distributed Security System With Media Streaming

Online streaming of Video/Audio/Security events between distributed security devices.

Ethernet Transparent Network Redirector

Layer-2 (Ethernet) Redirector based on Linux bridging capabilities and GRE tunneling.

Algorithmic Development on top of Marvell/Galileo Network Switch Core

Algorithmic Development to allow optimized deployment of Ethernet Ring topology, based on Marvell/Galileo Switch Core.

Network Processor Device Driver for Linux

Development of a Linux device driver for a Network Processor, based on original VxWorks driver.

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