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Case Studies

In the following sections, we present brief descriptions of a selection of projects that Ximpo Group successfully completed in the last years.
These are intended to provide a general idea of the vast business and technical scope of experience we can provide to your company.

These projects are significantly different in complexity, technologies, platforms and methodologies involved. Some were aimed at developing for a specific hardware platform or software environment, while others involved porting existing systems, or rearchitecting a specific solution.

By working as an extension to your business, Ximpo Group's seasoned analysts, consultants and experts competently provide the optimal approach to the required solution.
Our unique intellectual capital includes hands-on experience in all levels of software implementation, from system programming, including kernel and low-level through application and user-interface development, to web-based application programming.

To help you find what interests you, we have classified the projects by areas of expertise, as follows:
Of course, as most projects are multi-disciplinary, are included in more than one category.

Ximpo Group's experts let you focus on the really important things... Your business !
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