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Linux Kernel

Ximpo Group takes the mystery out of Kernel and Embedded Linux development.
Over a decade of experience developing on the Linux Kernel and drivers, have proved that the success of a kernel project, like any other development venture, greatly depends on the methodologies used.
Ximpo Group uncompromised commitment to excellence guarantees your best customer experience.

Following is a selection of projects in the "Kernel" area:

SCPS-TP - Linux TCP stack enhancements

Addition of features to the Linux TCP stack in order to improve network performance.

Ethernet Transparent Network Redirector

Layer-2 (Ethernet) Redirector based on Linux bridging capabilities and GRE tunneling.

MPEG4 Encoding Hardware - Device Driver and SDK porting to Linux

Development of Linux device driver and porting of Win32-based SDK to Linux for a hardware MPEG4 Encoder product.

Network Processor Device Driver for Linux

Development of a Linux device driver for a Network Processor, based on original VxWorks driver.

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