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MPEG4 Encoding Hardware - Device Driver and SDK porting to Linux

The Customer

The customer is a pioneer and market leader in broadband media gateways and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding and streaming platforms. Propelled by sophisticated technology and market expertise, its products are at the core of professional digital video solutions worldwide.
The customer is a technological leader in its field with core competencies in MPEG encoding/decoding and bridging between DVB and IP networks. Leveraging this expertise, the company has developed technologies for transcoding, multiplexing and IP/DVB conversion, all of which are integrated into its highly valued range of products. In the enterprise domain, the Company's MPEG encoding/decoding and streaming platforms facilitate video distribution over corporate LANs and WANs.
Its media gateways create new opportunities for operators and telcos by enabling the delivery of value added services such as TV over IP, personalized rich media services and interactive TV, to residential users.

The Product

The product is a Low-Profile PCI MPEG-4 encoder card, which can capture and compress two simultaneous audio/video streams, offering high-quality video at low and midrange bit rates.
Developers who want to develop digital video-based applications can profit from the Software Development Kits (SDKs), which offer a multi-feature cross platform scalable development environment for digital video applications.

The Challenge

Ximpo Group's Networking/Media Streaming and Kernel experts were hired to develop the Linux Kernel driver for the encoder, and to port the SDKs from Win32.
The Linux Kernel driver was developed based on technical information from the DSP manufacturer, and a "Reference Implementation" of a driver from the evaluation board of the DSP manufacturer.
The SDKs were ported from the customer's Win32-based version, and included implementing an "abstraction layer", to enable managing a single code-base for both Win32 and Linux versions of the SDK, and as a preparation for future portings to other OSes.
In order to reduce the learning curve required from the customers' R&D personnel, the "abstraction layer" exposes an interface extremely similar to the Win32 SDK.

Ximpo Group is providing to this project, through a multi-year support contract, maintenance, support and ongoing development for the lifetime of the product.
The product's marketing spans over 40 countries through a combination of direct sales, independent distributors, authorized resellers, system integrators and OEM partners. Worldwide technical support is being provided to customers with on-site, e-mail, telephone and fax assistance.
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