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Network Processor Device Driver for Linux

The Customer

The customer is a fabless semiconductor company providing high-speed highly-integrated network processors, which integrate both packet processing and classification with embedded search engines on a single chip.
This highly flexible 7-layer processing enables a wide range of applications to deliver advanced services for the metro, carrier edge and core/enterprise backbone at wire speed.

The Product

The single-chip 10Gbps network processor offers fully programmable 7-layer packet classification, modification, forwarding and policing at wire speed.
Its unique technology combines packet processing and classification in a full-duplex chip.
For Software Application Vendors, the network processor is available as an AdvancedTCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) blade or as a boxed systems, including a Pentium-III PrPMC, for facilitating the development of the control path software via APIs that interface with the network processor.
The APIs include configuration, microcode loading, creation and maintenance of lookup structures, sending and receiving frames to and from the network processor, as well as configuration and access to the statistics block.

The Challenge

Ximpo Group's Embedded and Kernel experts were hired to develop the Linux Kernel driver for the Network Processor, and to port the BSP (Board Support Package).
The BSP was ported from the customer's VxWorks-based version, and a Linux Device driver was developed to directly control and exchange data with the Altera FPGA and the Network Processor.
Ximpo Group's experts delivered the BSP and Device Driver in under three calendar weeks, allowing the customer to finalize integration with the toolset and be ready for Quality Assurance in under 5 weeks.
The work concluded with knowledge transfer, and escorting the customer with the support of Beta-testers until market-deployment.

Since Ximpo Group delivered the BSP and Device Driver, a new generation of the network processor has been launched, is manufactured with IBM's leading CU-11 0.11 micron process and is shipping in production quantities.
As of 2Q2004, the customer has announced the third generation of its network processors.

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