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The Customer

The customer is a high-tech start-up company, which develops a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) caching server for ISPs.
Its patent-pending P2P caching algorithms effectively reduce P2P traffic by 70%. ISPs benefit from immediate cost savings and more efficient networks. Subscribers experience enhanced performance levels.

The Product

The product minimizes traffic utilization while providing superior quality of service. It supports exceptionally high throughput and myriad concurrent sessions by utilizing the maximum CPU processing power, networking capabilities and disk performance.
The product is capable of minimizing approximately 70% of P2P traffic. Upstream access traffic is reduced by an average of 90%.
The product enables ISPs to manage network traffic with regard to their business needs. If required, it's possible to block the P2P traffic temporarily or permanently.
It's also possible to allocate and enforce P2P bandwidth limitation.

The Challenge

While being compatible with all the leading Layer4/Layer7 switches, a major requirement for many deployments was the ability to maintain the original Layer-2 (Ethernet) information.
Ximpo Group's Networking and Kernel experts were hired to develop a solution for redirecting the traffic to the customer's servers, while keeping the original Layer-2 (Ethernet) information.
Being a device installed On-Path in the ISP's production backbone, Ximpo Group was required to provide a rock-solid, mission critical solution.
Modifications to the Linux Kernel Bridging code were implemented, which included Layer-4 classification, Bridging logic modifications, and Ethernet over GRE tunneling.
The solution that Ximpo Group's experts delivered form an exceptional foundation to implement a Layer-4 P2P Load Balancer.
The work concluded with knowledge transfer, and escorting the customer with the support of Beta-testers.

As of the time of this writing, the customer's product is being beta-tested by several ISPs around the globe.

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