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Distributed Security System With Media Streaming

The Customer

The customer provides integration of Hardware, DSP, and Software solutions to vendors around the globe.

The Product

The product is a real-time, distributed multimedia surveillance system targeted at homeland security and general Digital-CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV).
It allows multiple users to record, playback, and analyze in real-time rich-media (video, audio, and events) in a secured and redundant manner.
Each box of the system performs several independent processes like video and audio acquisition (from digital and analog sources), compression, digital switching between sources, digital recording, synchronized network transmission (Streaming), and VMD (Video Motion Detection) for unattended intrusion detection.
All these functions are performed on a highly integrated system comprising 11 DSP's, around an ETX Pentium-III host running GNU/Linux, in a 2Ux19 box.
The product supports 8 video and 8 audio input channels, and provides MPEG4/H.263 video compression of Full-D1 (4CIF) resolution, at rates of up to 30FPS (Frames Per Second).
It uses RTSP and RTP for Network Streaming, with rates of 128Kbps to 4Mbps per channel. The maximum achievable network throughput per box is of 48Mbps with extremely low latency per stream (50-250msec)

The Challenge

Ximpo Group's Networking and Media Streaming experts were hired to perform the analysis, design, development and integration of the streaming part of the solution.
Given the ambitious requirements of up-to-48Mbps streaming throughput with 50-250msec maximum latency per stream, and simultaneous archiving to hard-disk, Ximpo Group's experts engineered a very-efficient environment for media handling, which included implementation of hardware techniques for memory-sharing on software; highly-optimized pipelined execution to avoid resource locking across threads; multiple and extendible mechanisms for stream control, acquisition and delivery; and extensions to the RFCs to provide enhanced performance.
The work concluded with the integration of the solution into the customer's management system, knowledge transfer, and escorting until market-deployment.

The product is already in the market, exceeding sales expectations, and highly acclaimed for some of its unique features.

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