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Ximpo Group signs cooperation agreement with InterBit T&C


Ximpo Group signs cooperation agreement with InterBit T&C

Modiin, ISRAEL -- January 6th, 2003 --
Ximpo Group, Ltd., today announced that it has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with InterBit Training and Consulting.

"We are proud to be a Strategic Partner of InterBit Training and Consulting," said Pablo 'merKur' Kohan, CTO of Ximpo Group, "and believe that this cooperation will allow both companies to broaden their service offering."

InterBit T&C, a subsidiary of E&M, the largest Sun Microsystems distributor in Israel, will receive consulting, training and development in Ximpo Group's superiority fields, focusing mainly on Linux/Unix systems.

"Through this agreement, we are able to provide our customers with experts' consulting and development services in Linux and Unix," said Erez Tatcher, CEO of InterBit T&C. "and is a natural complement to our training expertise and Java consultancy services."

About Ximpo Group
Ximpo Group, established in 2002, is the premier provider of IOTzilla, the interoperability test tracking solution.
Ximpo provides other Advanced Application services (A-ASP), consulting, and Professional Services, which include outsourced development, Training, and Support.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ximpo.com/.

Further information on InterBit can be found at http://www.interbit.co.il/.

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