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6 new vendors to use Ximpo Group's IOTzilla


6 new vendors to use Ximpo Group's IOTzilla

International Consortium keeps growing with IOTzilla

Modiin, ISRAEL -- September 14, 2003 --
Ximpo Group, Ltd., the leading provider of conformance and interop test tracking solutions, today announced that its IOTzilla tracking system will start serving 6 new vendors in the IMTC Packet Switched Streaming Activity Group (PSS-AG) deployment.

"We are very proud of the contribution IOTzilla is bringing, and expect to see further growth as it gets more attention from the industry." says Dotan Shavit, VP Services of Ximpo.

This announcement was made shortly after 12 leading vendors, members of the IMTC PSS Activity Group (PSS-AG), completed an interoperability testing event, the first one ever performed over a live 3G network.

The new vendors to join the group are:

Apple Qualcomm Sharp
Sony-Ericsson ST Microelectronics Texas Instruments

Further information on the IMTC PSS Activity Group can be found at http://www.imtc.org/act_pss.htm.

About Ximpo Group
Ximpo Group, established in 2002, is the leading provider of conformance and interoperability test tracking solutions.
Ximpo Group provides committees, standards groups, and vendors with a technologically rich solution, which includes a broad offering of professional services like requirements analysis, test plan design, customization and IOTzilla tracking deployment, as well as 24x7 dedicated customer support.
With headquarters in Modiin "City of the future", Israel and servers hosted in one of the most advanced and physically secured locations in Israel, Ximpo provides other Advanced Application services (A-ASP), consulting, and Professional Services, which include outsourced development, Training, and Support.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ximpo.com/.
IOTzilla information can be found at http://www.ximpo.com/IOTzilla.

      Pablo 'merKur' Kohan
Founder, CTO
Ximpo Group, Ltd.
      Dotan Shavit
Founder, VP Services
Ximpo Group, Ltd.
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