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Ximpo Group provides a range of test tracking solutions, and has developed the IOTzilla suite, a comprehensive conformance and interoperability test tracking solution, enabling widely dispersed global vendors to accurately and efficiently assess and verify interoperability compatibility and standards conformance.

In addition, Ximpo Group also provides development and consulting services, for Linux and Open Source technologies. Our strategic consulting services enable IT managers to efficiently evaluate and exploit the rapidly growing opportunities offered by Linux and Open Source technologies, enhancing their abilities to reap the benefits of technologies based on GNU/Linux Operating System and free-software.

Our wealth of experience and in depth knowledge of Open Source technologies enables us to deliver cutting-edge, top-quality and cost-effective solutions in a broad range of fields covering all the development and infrastructure needs of small and medium sized enterprises including:

  • Linux, Kernel and Driver development
  • Streaming media technologies
  • Workflow control and monitoring
  • Standards compliance verification
  • Security and Auditing
  • Advanced networking and routing

We have been heavily involved with interoperability since 2001, defining, specifying and solving the growing needs of interoperability processes, as well as active contributions to Open Standards organizations like 3GPP and IETF. In addition we have developed process management solutions enabling handling of large volumes of information.

We have joined IMTC, a leading global standards consortium, confirming our unwavering commitment to promoting the proliferation of Open Standards, and the advancement of the Open Source community. We are confident joining IMTC is an important step towards this end.

We will actively pursue Open Source projects, and contribute to their ongoing development by sponsoring, participating and testing in the various IMTC activity groups, promoting the emergence of cost-effective high-quality Open Source solutions, based on cutting-edge standards.

In addition we will continue to contribute to ongoing developments providing solutions aimed at increasing the use and acceptance of Linux and Open Source based technologies.

More information available at: www.ximpo.com.

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