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Ximpo Group releases contribution to Open Source project


Ximpo Group releases contribution to Open Source project

3GPP Features added to MPEG4IP Open Source project

Modiin, ISRAEL -- March 14, 2004 --
Ximpo Group, Ltd., the leading provider of conformance and interop test tracking solutions, has today released the source-code for implementation of 3GPP features to the MPEG4IP Open Source project.

"Being a Linux and Open-Source centric company, we are proud to contribute to the MPEG4IP Open Source project," said Dotan Shavit, VP Services of Ximpo, "we've been active contributors to 3GPP's Open Standard since 2001, and believe that the availability of an Open-Source solution implementing those, will help advance its adoption."

Addition of 3GPP features to this project is what will allow it to interact with 3rd generation "Smart" Cell-Phones, Content-Creation tools and Streaming-Servers.

"Now and in the future, we will actively pursue Open Source projects, sponsoring and contributing to their ongoing development," said Pablo 'merKur' Kohan, CTO of Ximpo Group, "to promote the emergence of cost-effective high-quality Open Source solutions, based on cutting-edge standards."

This first contribution made by Ximpo Group to the MPEG4IP Open Source project consists of the addition of AMR/AMR-WB speech codecs and H.263 video codec to the file format employed for streaming in 3G and for MMS exchange.

As part of Ximpo Group's commitment to support Open Source projects, another contribution to MPEG4IP is already being planned - Support for additional codecs and features for streaming and local playback.

About Ximpo Group
Ximpo Group, established in 2002, is the leading provider of conformance and interoperability test tracking solutions.
Ximpo Group provides committees, standards groups, and vendors with a technologically rich solution, which includes a broad offering of professional services like requirements analysis, test plan design, customization and IOTzilla tracking deployment, as well as 24x7 dedicated customer support.
With headquarters in Modiin "City of the future", Israel and servers hosted in one of the most advanced and physically secured locations in Israel, Ximpo provides other Advanced Application services (A-ASP), consulting, and Professional Services, which include outsourced development, Training, and Support.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ximpo.com/.
Information on Ximpo's Development Services can be found at http://www.ximpo.com/ProfessionalServices/Development.

About MPEG4IP Project
MPEG4IP provides an end-to-end system to explore streaming multimedia. The package includes many existing open source packages and the "glue" to integrate them together. This is a tool for streaming video and audio that is standards-oriented and free from proprietary protocols and extensions.

For more information, please visit: http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net.

      Pablo 'merKur' Kohan
Founder, CTO
Ximpo Group, Ltd.
      Dotan Shavit
Founder, VP Services
Ximpo Group, Ltd.
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